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The historic and traditional field sport of Scottish deer stalking plays an integral part in the annual cull of deer in Scotland. As there are no natural predators of deer in Scotland a stable and healthy annual cull, during each respective season, is required to maintain, manage and control a healthy deer population.

The stags (males) with magnificent antlers are also known as "Trophy Standard Animals". As part of the cull these "Trophy Standard Animals" can be shot as part of our deer stalking sporting packages, which in turn helps generate much needed income to assist with the management of the deer population. If a reduction in the deer population is required more females will be culled. In the event that an increase in deer population is required only a selected few deer will be culled.

Accompanied by experienced stalkers and gillies a typical stalk can last half a day, or a full day. As you hike and trek through the glorious Scottish countryside to find and hunt the deer, the stalkers and gillies will determine which deer are to be shot, taking into account the health, age and sex of the herd. After the kill, the deer are then transported back to the respective Estate Office.

Deer stalking in Scotland is without doubt a memorable and unforgettable experience. For deer stalking pricing and bookings click here.


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